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Park Bench Muse goes LIVE


All-original music from Charlie Saibel









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1. Juju Gettin’ Out 1. Juju Gettin Out SAMPLE

2. That’s the Life for You 2. That’s The Life For You SAMPLE

3. Lemon Drop  3. Lemon Drop SAMPLE

4. Gemini 4. Gemini SAMPLE

5. Ditty for Daddy 5. Ditty for Daddy SAMPLE

6. Park Bench Muse 6. Park Bench Muse SAMPLE

7. It’s Not About Me 7. It’s Not About Me  SAMPLE

8. 21st Century 8. 21st Century SAMPLE

9. At the Movies  9. At The Movies SAMPLE

Total time:           40:51


Charlie Saibel, drum tracks, keyboards, vocals

Promotion, Dick Metcalf, Publisher Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Cover art, John ‘Butch’ Hannukaine, Hannukaine Signs & Graphics

Audio post production, Mark Rensel,

Recorded live in Olympia, WA


© Charlie Saibel, 2017

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Hurdy Gurdy Band

You can listen to samples or purchase the Hurdy Gurdy Band CD right from this page:

Hurdy Gurdy Band

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Read some REVIEWS.

1.Demon Rum  ($0.99)   Sample

2.Gordon’s Blues  ($0.99)  Sample

3.Hot In Heaven ($0.99)  Sample

4.Hurdy Gurdy Band  ($0.99)  Sample

5. Laughing and Crying  ($0.99)  Sample

6.Meet Me Later  ($0.99)  Sample

7.South  ($0.99)  Sample

8.SpaceAgePlastic  ($0.99)  Sample

9.Stealing My Pillow  ($0.99)  Sample

10.  Stew  ($0.99)   Sample

11. Way Back When($0.99)  Sample

12.You Changed Your Mind  ($0.99)  Sample




blackberriesYou can listen to samples or purchase the Blackberries CD right from this page:






Read some REVIEWS!

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Individual songs:

1.  Cajun Rhythm  ($0.99)  Sample

2.  That’s When You Know  ($0.99)  Sample

3.  Heavy Rain  ($0.99)  Sample

4.  World of Sound  ($0.99)  Sample

5.  Ramblin On  ($0.99)  Sample

6.  Wish You Were Here  ($0.99)  Sample

7.  Blackberries  ($0.99)  Sample

8.  Suspended Animation  ($0.99)  Sample

9.  Artificial  ($0.99)  Sample

10. Coleslaw  ($0.99)  Sample