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Park Bench Muse goes LIVE


All-original music from Charlie Saibel









Purchase pre-release HARDCOPY CD (postage paid; will not be mailed until 25 July, 2017) $8.99

Purchase DIGITAL CD (with cover art) – $7.99

Samples are below – you can also purchase INDIVIDUAL tracks for $.099 (under the sample track)

1. Juju Gettin’ Out 1. Juju Gettin Out SAMPLE

2. That’s the Life for You 2. That’s The Life For You SAMPLE

3. Lemon Drop  3. Lemon Drop SAMPLE

4. Gemini 4. Gemini SAMPLE

5. Ditty for Daddy 5. Ditty for Daddy SAMPLE

6. Park Bench Muse 6. Park Bench Muse SAMPLE

7. It’s Not About Me 7. It’s Not About Me  SAMPLE

8. 21st Century 8. 21st Century SAMPLE

9. At the Movies  9. At The Movies SAMPLE

Total time:           40:51


Charlie Saibel, drum tracks, keyboards, vocals

Promotion, Dick Metcalf, Publisher Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Cover art, John ‘Butch’ Hannukaine, Hannukaine Signs & Graphics

Audio post production, Mark Rensel,

Recorded live in Olympia, WA


© Charlie Saibel, 2017

A striking NEW CD from Charlie Saibel Music!!!!





Press Release

Charlie Saibel – Park Bench Muse


Olympia, Washington:  Musician’s Virtual Assistant & Charlie Saibel Music are pleased to announce the release of Charlie’s newest all-original contemporary vocal jazz and blues album, his hottest collection of songs to date!  This release features Charlie in the most intimate and mellow recording he’s ever created.  All the way from songs like “Juju Gettin Out”, which will remind you of back streets in late-night New Orleans, to the boogie-down high-energy of “At The Movies”, Charlie wrote all the lyrics and played each & every note on these great tunes… check out his performance on these tunes below:


Juju Gettin Out – Charlie Saibel Music



At The Movies – Charlie Saibel Music

Musician’s Virtual Assistant is proud to be representing Charlie on his latest effort; we’ve helped him with several of his other albums, and can honestly say that his artistry is shining more brilliantly on this superb release than ever before.

The new CD was just released for advance purchase (at a special discount price) go to the PARK BENCH MUSE page to listen to samples and purchase your own advance copy!

The album release party is scheduled for:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Rhythm & Rye

Olympia, WA 98503


Places I Play

I perform in many restaurants, lounges, festivals, hotels, and private venues around the South Puget Sound Area. Check my gig schedule to get the most current shows.

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