Hurdy Gurdy Band

You can listen to samples or purchase the Hurdy Gurdy Band CD right from this page:

Hurdy Gurdy Band

If you would like a HARD-COPY CD, click HERE! (includes postage!!!)

FULL CD Download, with cover art ($11.00)


Read some REVIEWS.

1.Demon Rum  ($0.99)   Sample

2.Gordon’s Blues  ($0.99)  Sample

3.Hot In Heaven ($0.99)  Sample

4.Hurdy Gurdy Band  ($0.99)  Sample

5. Laughing and Crying  ($0.99)  Sample

6.Meet Me Later  ($0.99)  Sample

7.South  ($0.99)  Sample

8.SpaceAgePlastic  ($0.99)  Sample

9.Stealing My Pillow  ($0.99)  Sample

10.  Stew  ($0.99)   Sample

11. Way Back When($0.99)  Sample

12.You Changed Your Mind  ($0.99)  Sample



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  1. […] shoving a drumstick up my ass.  Thanks for that.  But also I like their music.  On their new CD, Hurdy Gurdy Band, we get a dozen new cuts with Mike Slivka (drums) Steve Nowak (guitar), Dan blounck (sax and flute) […]