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This review was received from Keys and Chords magazine (Belgium) in early October, 2014:

The glory command me to say that I had never heard of. Charlie Saibel Yet Charlie surprised us with a variety of original songs. Saibel plays bass , piano and keyboard , but has a particularly pleasant voice . Together with Mike Slivka (drums , percussion ), Steve Nowak (guitar) and Dan Blunck (saxophone and flute) Charlie presents twelve original tracks. The album was released in 2006, opens with the Latin groove of ” Demon Rum .” After this mysterious song we’re quick to the jazzy tunes of the instrumental ‘ Gordon’s Blues’. The horn section is a constant , as is the understated organ arrangements of Charlie. On to the Bleusy song ‘ Hot In Heaven’ . Charlie’s voice is perfect for the song and forms a harmony with the exciting organ tones. The title track is a balanced ballad . But if the New Orleans sound comes in lurk strikes us suddenly hard to sit still. As in the attractive ‘Way Back When ‘ way. Voetstampend and hip swaying is then quick to the jazzy oriented ‘ Meet Me Later’. Steve Nowak guitar riffs and Bluck ‘s saxophone solos fit perfectly guided by Charlie’s organ keyboard. ‘Special guest’ Randy Linder enters the spotlight with his slide guitar in the dark sounding ‘ South’ . The flute has a serious stake in the modern ‘ Steal Ling My Pillow . ” And that’s just something we do not miss it after a few listens . What can we now care about a stolen kiss , because it is suddenly very swiftness to it in the remarkable ‘ Stew’ . The closing ‘ You Changed Your Mind ‘ is already a swinging jazzy version.
It is therefore difficult to make . Saibel Charlie into a musical corner under

Philip Verhaege ( 4 )


Review of Charlie Saibel’s HURDY GURDY CD


DEMON RUM – Slick and breezy piano work with a bit ‘o sax thrown in and a sassy ending. Charlie obviously marches to a different drummer – that being DEMON RUM 151!

GORDON’S BLUES – Enjoyed the harmonized sax intro to this easy instrumental blues piece. The B-3 organ sound adds a pleasing touch and MAN can that SAX WAIL!!!!

HOT IN HEAVEN – Hurdy Gurdy here we come! This one has a LOT of Bump n’ Grind mixed in! Hot and sultry tune with backdrop of B-3 organ and great guitar bridge. Charlie’s lyrics and style are HOT too!

HURDY GURDY BAND – Sultry piece that has a gospel feel. Bridge work with a guitar interlude fit in well. Charlie’s lyrics take us on the road with the HURDY GURDY BAND and bring it on home!

LAUGHING AND CRYING – Enjoyed this bouncy piece! Charlie’s lyrics give us both sides of the story – sort of like life! Not to mention the keyboard and guitar mix is pleasing to the ear!

MEET ME LATER – Sax intro is great! Scat is sensational with Charlie’s lyrics and the B-3 and guitar running all over it! Offering an homage to the likes of Mr. Jimmy Smith, B-3 organist extraordinaire! Quick and Cute – MEET ME LATER!

SOUTH – Funky and slow blues piece with crisp rhthyms. The lyrics fit well too and the guitar bridge is exquisite! Don’t Go South – (Unless Charlie Says So!)

SPACE AGE PLASTIC – Timely and appropriate statement on our hermetically sealed plastic world – shrink wrapped even! Loved Charlie’s lyric on pills that cannot be opened – SO TRUE! Bridge is bouncy and fits well with Charlie’s treatise on the ills of our space age “plastic” world!

STEALING MY PILLOW – Flute intro gives this piece a 60’s sound. The xylophone bridge is a fabulous touch as well. Don’t steal Charlie’s pillow at night – It ain’t RIGHT!

STEW – Scat on a most scrumptious stew with a sax run that REALLY ROCKS! The B-3 is great too and the harmony kicks it up a notch! The lyrics had me hungry for more – STEW!

WAY BACK WHEN – Honky Tonk feel with Charlie remembering a past love in sultry tones. Reminded me of some of Dr. John’s work. The saxophone bridge is a beautiful touch along with the keyboards. Comes to a very satisfying ending as well!

YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND – This one opens with Charlie’s sultry tones complementing the B-3. Charlie’s bridgework with the organ backs up this one with the organ taking over. The magical memories offer a big finish!

…by RA Metcalf, October 2014


RIGHTEOUS STEW, CD review by Jimmy Squire

I like Charlie Saibel and the Intrusions, one reason being that when I first met them (they was performing one night at the Spar) I accidentally knocked over a cymbal, and their drummer did not respond, as many another assuredly would have done, by shoving a drumstick up my ass.  Thanks for that.  But also I like their music.  On their new CD, Hurdy Gurdy Band, we get a dozen new cuts with Mike Slivka (drums) Steve Nowak (guitar), Dan blounck (sax and flute) and Randy Linder (slide guitar), and Charlie doing the keyboard, bass and singing, all of it Charlie’s original stuff.  The style is wit any jazzy blues and the songs reveal Charlie’s solid compositional talent, as in “Stew”:


  Prepare the chicken stock, and get ready to rock

  Saute a red potato, puree a rutabaga

  If you’re feeling sad and blue

  I’ll cook us up a righteous stew

dIt’s a lot of fun, so it’s a damn shame that the mix is so bad – in fact, it’s terrible, with Charlie’s vocals sounding way off in another room somewhere, like he’s singing with his head in a bottle and the mike has been lasthed to a rain gutter outside.  Too bad, because except for that substantial blemish, it’s not only righteous, it’s downright delicious.

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